19 DECEMBER 2018

Marketing Research Methods

Quantitative and qualitative research is undertaken in the marketing field. The quantitative marketing research helps to observe statistically the behavior of various marketing components. It tries to find the answers as to what? How? How much? Where? And When? A consumer buys a product or a service and the qualitative marketing research tries to find out answers as to why a consumer behaves this way or that way?

Quantitative research depends on direct questioning, quantitative data collection. Qualitative research believes in psychological methods and measures the consumer behavior through some techniques.

Common Methods used in marketing research are

  • Survey
  • Observation
  • Experimental Method

Survey Method: Through the survey method, we gathered the needed information by asking the question to the customers. It is also known as the "questionnaire" method. This method is used to understand and predict the aspects of the behavior of the population of interest.

For quantitative and qualitative research survey method can be used. The process of getting answers through the questionnaire is called interviewing. Interviewing is the direct one in questionnaire research to know the purpose of the study and answers to the questions. And interviewing is the indirect one in qualitative research to answer the questions.

Observation Method: Through the observer (human or machine) watch and record the action what it takes place. In this method, the observer will not ask any question to the respondent and observes their behavior with or without informing the respondent. Through this method, an investigator will get the answers without asking the questions. Observation is mostly done by human as it is more comprehensive though less accurate, less convenient and uneconomical. Observation through the mechanical or electronic devices is used on the grounds of accuracy, economy and convenience, though of limited applicability. The mechanical devices are traffic counting machines, hidden cameras etc. For quantitative and qualitative research observation method can be used. It is costlier than the survey method.

Experimental Method: An experimental method is a procedure to find the best possible solution to the given problem. Its aim to determine whether the tentative conclusions reached can be proved in actual conditions which changing ever and can't able to control. If the experimenter having interest in measuring the effect of the change in the brand name, price, product design, color, package, the copy of the advertisement then the action is known as test marketing.

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