24 JULY 2019

Mobile Market Research Benefits

Everyday consumer behavior keeps on changing, so market research should adopt it. Through the Smartphone, you can easily connect with the business and thousands of consumers. In our blog post, you will know about the mobile market research and its benefits.

Based on the communication channels consumer behavior is changes. In older days consumer uses desktop PC and mobile phones as communication channels. But today they started to use a Smartphone to access the social network and other communication platforms. Smartphone technologies play a major role in the technologies world.

To improve business growth and to understand consumer behavior, market research is conducted in an organic channel.

In earlier day’s market research are done through the pen and paper surveys that also organic way to communicate with consumers. After that, they used telephone research (CATI). Then we start using online research through online channels like email.

Now a day consumers are ignoring some of the communication channels that are telephone calls, pen, and paper surveys.

These changes are making the researcher to use mobile market research techniques.

What Is Mobile Market Research?

Mobile market research is one of the research techniques to connect the business people with consumers through the Smartphone. Through the mobile market research, business people collect the following information such as consumers’ product usage, consumption behavior, location, shopping decision, in-store experience, etc

Through the mobile market research platforms, you can able to see the approved data in real-time after the algorithm validation and data reviews.

Benefits of Mobile Market Research

Directly From Consumers:Mobile market research allows business people to gathers data from consumers without any inter mediators.

Rapid Data Collection:Through the smart push notification, business people able to get insights within an hour or day from the consumers.

100% Validated:Mobile market researched data are validated through the auditing algorithm. After that, the validated data gets reviewed once again.

Rich Answers with Multimedia:Through the mobile market research technique, business people can able to get photos, videos and voice recordings from the consumer. These media helps the business people to generate additional insights.

In-the-Moment Answers:Business people can able to collect in-the-moment insights based on consumer location and behavior.

Granularity & Targeting:Based on the granular information business people can target consumers. These are determined by consumer demographics and behavior.

Real-time Access:

Business people can able to access the gathered and generated reports.

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