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Qualitative Market Research Services

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Qualitative market research is often used to understand consumer behavior, their perceptions and motivations. Once, utilized to a large extent by bigger retail companies, they are now used by businesses of all sizes to better understand their customers.

Unlike quantitative research which focuses on metrics, qualitative research often involves broad and in-depth discussions on a particular topic. The discussion between the qualitative market researcher / interviewer and the respondent is determined by the respondents' own thoughts and feelings.

Qualitative research methods are conducted among a small sample size of participants. Qualitative market research companies strive to understand the depths and range of buyer attitudes and beliefs, and don’t usually contain any strong measurable parameters.

Qualitative marketing research methods find application in answering these broad questions:

  • How far is my customer satisfied with my product or service?
  • How powerful is my company’s brand in the market?
  • What segments of the market provide the most sales revenue?
  • How can I find potential customers in a market for a new product or service?
  • How much do I know about my customers’ buying behavior and perceptions towards my product / service?

Arrow Point has worked with companies across the globe in creating potent qualitative market research assignments that enable them to understand their customers better. Based on your goals we can custom design a research program for your business.

Qualitative Market Research Services from Arrow Point

Qualitative research can be conducted in a focus group or one-on-one, based on the nature of the research assignment. We incorporate powerful online surveys that probe the various perceptions of a customer. We use the following research methods to collate data

  • Web Based Surveys

Online surveys are a cheaper alternative to a field survey, but have equal effectiveness in gathering data. We design survey questionnaires that are based on the nature of the business project and attuned to your market conditions. The data is captured through channels such as emails and survey websites.

  • Online Focus Groups

Online focus groups are an innovative concept that involves a discussion of participants in a web-based virtual chat room at the comfort of their homes. Participants need to only have a PC and an internet connection along with special software to enable communication among various participants of the focus group. The entire session can be recorded and transcribed for you to later review it. You could also have a moderator who monitors the discussions. Online focus groups can also have audio / video using webcams and Instant Messaging tools.

  • One-On-One In-Depth Interviews

One-on-one interviews are designed to go in-depth into the buying behavior of a customer. Participants can be chosen based on the various customer or market segments. They can be interviewed online or through interactive surveys. When used in conjunction with focus groups they can give you the personal habits of customers that you can later incorporate into your marketing strategy.

  • Market Research Observation Methods

This method involves observing a respondent in their natural environment. This can be used by software product companies who wish to understand usage patterns of a customer; this can help in knowing the fallacies / advantages of a product. It can also include ethnography and photo-ethnography where customers or prospects record actual behaviors through notes and also participate in follow-up interviews.

Qualitative research can be a powerful tool to reveal hidden buying and usage habits of customers. This can not only show how they perceive your product or service but also gives you an opportunity to customize your offering to match their emotional needs. Arrow Point can provide with a low cost way of conducting a successful qualitative market research campaign without compromising on quality.