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Strategic Brand Communication and Advisory Services

Strategic Brand Communication and Advisory Services

A company's brand, or the relationship it has with its customers, is one of the few things it can own for all time without the aid of patents, technological innovation, or entry hurdles. Disciplined alignment of brand strategy and plans with customer requirements yields the strongest, most resilient brands. Arrow Point as a Brand consulting company assists businesses in achieving this milestone of developing distinctive brands and brand architectures. We at Arrow Point having a good amount of expertise in offering end to end branding services which extends from Brand naming, developing Brand architecture, establishing Brand identity, strategic Brand positioning, improving Brand equity and overall Brand management and implementation through tried-and-true methods having our own tools and frameworks.

It's a must-win proposition to establish a strong and defendable brand positioning. Yet many businesses only think of their brand initiatives in terms of communication or fail to effectively connect their branding initiatives to the entire business strategy. Hence Arrow Point assists with defining and coordinating your brand strategy with communication initiatives. To enhance consumer relevance and competitive distinction, we collaborate with clients to create, differentiate, and position brands. The next step is to identify brand action plans, which include communication goals, strategies, and plans provided across the customer experience.

We at Arrow Point create research-based organizational brand strategies, which are highly supported by compelling narratives primarily designed to build trust amongst our Clients’ most important target audiences. Why? Not simply to build, defend and nurture reputation, but also to create a strong differentiation, significant competitive advantage and an intrinsic value in the marketplace. In modern world, we have a choice: Either to create and control the brands’ story, or leave it to evolving random circumstances to do it for the brand.

Strategic Brand Portfolio management

Some of the FAQs we receive from our clients on Brand Portfolio management found to be,

• What areas of the present brand portfolio strategy and framework should be improved to better suit our target markets?

• Which brand portfolio management models ought to be taken into account? Should our brand compete using its parent brand or sub-brands? Which strategy should be used: a house of brands, a branded house, or a hybrid including our master brand?

• How many brands ought to receive backing, and how? What strategic roles ought each brand to take on, and how ought the brands to collaborate as a group?

• Does the present product portfolio have any gaps, and if so, how should these be filled?

• How should a recently launched or acquired brand be fused to the current portfolio of our brands?

To answer all these questions in a nutshell; take a step back and consider your company from the perspective of your customers. Is it obvious how each brand's offerings of products and services fit together? Or is there a chance to increase brand leverage, synergy, and clarity? An organized approach of brand architecture and strategic brand portfolio management will be the singular solution to define, develop and structure the various offerings from a brand. An effective brand management depends on aligning products and brands with customer needs. With the aim of enhancing strategic leverage and raising the value of the brand portfolio, Arrow Point works with businesses to structure and manage their product or service portfolios.

Strategic Brand extension

Brand extension, also known as brand stretching is a robust marketing strategy under which an organization uses its existing established brand name for a new category or product. This new product or category, also called a spin-off would differ substantially yet logically related to the well-established original product. It is predicated on the idea that brands are valuable assets that may and need to be extended in a strategic and planned manner subject to existing brand’s elasticity. Extending existing brands into new categories as compared to creating new ones from scratch creates economic leverage, raising the possibility of new businesses succeeding while also lowering expenses. There are countless instances of brands successfully expanding into new product areas. It works best when both parties’ benefit. Successful brand extensions which are strategically approached would increase the value of the parent brand, which helps the entire portfolio. Arrow Point offers solutions on Brand extension research, focused ideation, and business category analysis and other necessary inputs for stretching brands.

Strategic Brand naming process

Some of the FAQs we receive from our clients on Brand naming found to be,

• What should the offerings be called, and what message the brand name should convey? Should the name be based on any distinctive qualities of the brand’s products or services, metaphors from markets, or desirable customer end stake-holders?

• How does the name fits within the overall brand and it’s architecture to increase leverage, acquire clarity, and gain synergy?

• Does the brand name pass the adequate evaluation tests for a strategic fit, auditory appeal, linguistics, legality, and availability of websites and URLs?

• What name and nomenclature system can be used to align the current and future product and service offerings?

In current competitive scenario of fragmented media and transient communications, a strong brand name is essential. More than ever, names must put in more effort to stand out from the competition and position the brand to succeed in the market. Arrow Point has a track record of success as a consulting firm offering a strategic brand naming service by creating a distinctive, authentic, strong, memorable, suggestive and legitimate brand names that could capture the brand’s promise as well as the hearts and minds of the target stake-holders.

The process used by Arrow Point research analysts, which combines art and science, starts with the creation of a brand naming brief that will guide the generative process around pertinent insight areas. Our brand naming experts and creative team of copywriters, linguists, and brand researchers will develop a broad set of naming options, through a gamut of creative approach and research-based techniques. The name options are then reviewed for strategic, aural and linguistic appeal and evaluated thoroughly including trademark screening, to short list and narrow down the proposed names. To assist illustrate the full potential and choose the new brand name, creative concepts including brand logos and website homepage designs are frequently generated.

Strategic Brand Marketing Communication and Advisory Services

We help our clients to strategically plan and coordinate communications to launch their brands and products or services successfully across markets and to manage communications aligned to the goals set for their brands. We design communication tools and approaches, combine them into coherent communication plans, and either implement them ourselves or support our clients in doing so. Prior to beginning, we conduct a study on existing marketing campaigns for products and specifics on key competition to evaluate the merits of these communications. Based on insights we obtain; we create communication plans to improve the effectiveness of brand and product communication to assist businesses for their successful launch.

We advise management of organizations on how they should set up their organizations’ communications to more successfully achieve their business objectives. We give guidance on identifying the most important communication problems. We help our clients establish internal communication teams in the most effective manner possible. We strategically oversee our customers' public relations, advertising, and marketing efforts with a focus on the coherence of all communication initiatives.

Continuous dynamic change is the only constant in business. When and how should you approach the media? How may a carefully crafted advertising campaign affect the standing of a business? How can you represent the company in internet communications effectively? These are just a few of the communication problems that our everyday client counsel can assist in resolving. Before beginning day-to-day advisory services, we develop a communication plan for our clients.

• It is getting tougher and difficult for brands to actually stand out in our fragmented and commoditized society. For this reason, at Arrow Point, we support our clients in delivering memorable experiences that forge unique and emotional relationships with their customers.

• Our interdisciplinary teams collaborate with you to develop your brand purpose and then create ways to authentically and strategically apply it to every stage of the customer journey. In order to assist you in creating iconic brand experiences across all of your touchpoints and channels, we support your marketing, content, and media initiatives.

• Whether we are creating a new brand, reinventing an old one, or re-architecting a broad portfolio of brands, we develop concepts that contribute to the definition of a brand's essential identity.

• We create and implement powerful creative ideas that make marketing-driven experiences come to life wherever your customers are.

• To assist promote engagement and growth in entirely new ways, we've created collaborative processes and innovation hubs with a variety of strategic, creative, and innovative tools.

• We work together to guarantee that your brand narrative is communicated consistently everywhere, making the most of the moments that count in an ever-evolving brand landscape where one brand might have different and many audiences. Through content, campaigns, and channel activations that are felt at every stage of the customer journey in ways that resonate, are relevant, and are appreciated, we generate marketing and communications.

• To design a comprehensive engagement plan, we draw on our knowledge in audience profiling, user experience, and segmentation.

• To assist you in developing and implementing innovative experiences and effective marketing strategies for B2B and B2C, brand, awareness, engagement, acquisition, loyalty, retention, and recruitment, we produce highly targeted, individualized messages.

• To help you better understand your customers' goals, sentiment, and context, we apply data-based audience-centric research techniques. This will be used to produce dynamic, adaptable content that is genuinely engaging.

• In addition to helping you deliver specially curated creative experiences at scale, our customized operational models and networks are filled with data and tech capabilities to assist generate sustained awareness, brand preference, targeted engagement, and customer loyalty.

• By reinventing everything from people to governance, across teams, functions, and markets, we assist you in redesigning how your marketing is conducted. By using improved data, applied analytics, and intelligence to establish, support, or manage your creative teams and capabilities, we bring science to the art of creativity. Through a global network of creative studios, we bring big global brands to life at the local level while combining brand consistency and scale benefits with locally pertinent cultural needs.