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Obtaining strategic Insights in the Travel & Tourism Sector through Arrow Point’s Market Research

Arrow Point, a leading market research firm based in India, specializes in delivering comprehensive market research solutions for the Travel & Tourism sector. Our methodologies are designed to provide actionable intelligence that empowers tourism boards, hospitality providers, and travel agencies to navigate market challenges and capitalize on growth opportunities. Explore how Arrow Point can enhance your business strategies with our specialized market research services.

Types of Studies and Methodologies

1. Market Segmentation and Visitor Profiling

Understanding market segments and visitor profiles is essential for targeting the right audience effectively. Arrow Point conducts studies to analyze traveler demographics, preferences, behaviors, and travel motivations across different segments such as leisure, business, adventure, and cultural tourism.


• Segmentation Analysis: Identifying key traveler segments based on demographics, psychographics, and travel preferences.

• Visitor Profiling: Creating detailed profiles of travelers including their interests, spending patterns, and travel habits.

• Destination Choice Modeling: Analyzing factors influencing destination selection and travel decision-making processes.

2. Destination Assessment and Competitive Benchmarking

Assessing destination attractiveness and competitiveness helps stakeholders position their offerings effectively. Arrow Point conducts destination assessments and competitive benchmarking studies to evaluate tourism infrastructure, attractions, accessibility, and visitor experiences compared to competing destinations.


• Destination SWOT Analysis: Evaluating destination strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in terms of tourism development.

• Competitive Benchmarking: Comparing destination performance metrics such as visitor arrivals, tourism revenue, and satisfaction levels.

• Tourism Product Evaluation: Assessing the quality and diversity of tourism products including accommodations, attractions, and activities.

3. Customer Satisfaction and Experience Studies

Measuring customer satisfaction and enhancing visitor experiences are critical for tourism service providers. Arrow Point conducts satisfaction surveys and experience studies to gather feedback on visitor experiences, service quality, hospitality standards, and destination amenities.


• Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Collecting feedback on accommodation, dining, transportation, and overall travel experience.

• Mystery Shopping: Evaluating service delivery and customer interactions at tourism establishments.

• Net Promoter Score (NPS) Analysis: Measuring customer loyalty and likelihood to recommend a destination or service to others.

4. Market Trends and Forecasting

Monitoring market trends and forecasting future developments is essential for strategic planning in the Travel & Tourism sector. Arrow Point conducts trend analysis and forecasting studies to identify emerging trends, market dynamics, economic impacts, and technological advancements shaping the industry.


• Trend Monitoring: Tracking trends such as digital transformation, sustainable tourism practices, and experiential travel.

• Market Sizing and Forecasting: Estimating tourist arrivals, tourism expenditure, and market growth rates.

• Scenario Planning: Assessing potential scenarios like economic fluctuations, geopolitical changes, and natural disasters affecting tourism demand.

Sub-sectors and Allied Sectors in the Travel & Tourism Industry

• Hospitality Services

o Hotels, resorts, lodges

o Bed and breakfast (B&B), vacation rentals

o Restaurant and food services

• Transportation

o Airlines, cruises, railways

o Car rentals, ground transportation services

o Tourist transport operators

• Travel Agencies and Tour Operators

o Tour packages, guided tours, travel planning services

o Online travel agencies (OTAs), tour aggregators

• Attractions and Entertainment

o Theme parks, museums, cultural attractions

o Adventure tourism, eco-tourism destinations

Key Products and Services

• Accommodation:Hotels, resorts, hostels, vacation rentals.

• Transportation:Airline tickets, cruises, car rentals, guided tours.

• Hospitality Services:Dining, spa services, event venues, recreational facilities.

Key Channel Partners and Stakeholders

Demand Side:

• Tourists and Travelers:Leisure travelers, business travelers, adventure seekers, cultural tourists.

• Corporate Clients:Companies organizing business conferences, incentives, meetings, and exhibitions (MICE).

• Travel Agencies:Tour operators, travel agents, online booking platforms catering to traveler needs.

• Government Tourism Boards:National and regional tourism authorities promoting destinations and supporting tourism development.

Supply Side:

• Hospitality Providers:Hotels, resorts, restaurants, and hospitality service providers.

• Transportation Companies:Airlines, cruise lines, railways, car rental companies, and transportation service providers.

• Tourism Attractions:Theme parks, museums, historical sites, and natural attractions.

• Travel Technology Providers:Online travel agencies (OTAs), booking engines, travel technology solutions.

Why Choose Arrow Point?

• Industry Expertise:Deep understanding of the Travel & Tourism sector’s dynamics, consumer behavior, and destination competitiveness.

• Customized SolutionsTailored research approaches addressing specific market challenges and tourism trends.

• Actionable Insights: Data-driven recommendations for destination marketing, product development, and visitor experience enhancement.

• Global Reach:Comprehensive market coverage beyond India, providing insights into international travel trends and tourism markets.

Partner with Arrow Point to unlock strategic insights and drive growth in the dynamic Travel & Tourism sector. Contact us today to explore how our market research services can empower your business strategies and enhance your market performance.

Market research studies conducted by Arrow Point provide a specific focus on the following areas.

  • Feasibility of Setting up Luxury & Budget Hotels/Resorts/Exhibition cum Convention centers
  • Evaluation/Potential for tourism in a region/country
  • Opportunity analysis for Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing and Exhibition segment
  • Demand Estimation/Traffic Projection and Market Entry strategy
  • Customer Assessment & Satisfaction
  • Need Assessment and Concept Evaluation
  • Hospitality (Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts & Spa etc.)
  • Travel & Travel Services
  • MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing and Exhibition)